Calvary Assembly

Calvary Assembly is a growing church in Rochester, NY. Their mission is to provide a safe place to find faith, friends, and your future.

The project

For this project, I worked with the team at Calvary Assembly to improve the design, structure, and SEO of their website.

The process

I began by familiarizing myself with the church; their mission, vision, and values; and their goals. I then spent time learning the tools and technology they use on their website.

There was a lot of in-person meetings to get to know the team and understand how I could leverage my skills to take them where they wanted to go.


One of my first initiatives was to bring design, UI, and UX consistency to the website. I worked to create guidelines for the page design and structure, all the while seeking unity not uniformity.

Web design and development

The team at Calvary Assembly provided me a list of prioritized needs, which included updating the staff page, improving the website loading speed, and configuring and troubleshooting WordPress plug-ins.

Calvary Assembly Rochester NY website staff page redesign
The redesigned staff page on the Calvary Assembly website

WordPress Multisite Network conversion

As a project within a project, I was contracted to convert the main WordPress site from a single, standalone WordPress site to a Multisite Network. This involved extensive research and planning, purchasing SSL certificates, and configuring settings through their webhost. I also migrated one additional site into the network as part of this project. Several immediate benefits for Calvary Assembly were made possible through this project, including decreased WordPress updating and maintenance, improved security, and quicker implementation of future sites.

Search engine optimization

I was also asked to improve the SEO of the website, as the search rankings for desirable keywords were very low or non-existent. After implementing a simple SEO strategy and conducting an SEO training session with the team, our search result ranking for our primary keyword rose from #114 to #10 on Google.

An ongoing partnership

I continue to work with the team at Calvary Assembly in an on-going capacity, and am thrilled at the partnership we’ve built. Not only are we able to combine skills and knowledge to accomplish more together, but it’s all for the goal of serving more people in the community, and bringing thew hope of Jesus to those in Rochester, NY and beyond.

Calvary Assembly Rochester NY website rich footer design
I designed and built a rich footer which is integrated into WordPress’ widget functionality for easy updating

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