Five Ways To Improve Your Social Media Game

5 ways to step up your game on social media

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Last updated May 23rd, 2019

There are a ton of great resources online for mastering social media for your organization. You can take courses, classes, watch videos, and before you know it you can get overwhelmed.

Here’s five simple things you can put in place today to start crushing it on social media.

1. Focus on one platform

Sometimes it seems like there’s a new social media website or app popping up every other day. As people scramble to claim their unique usernames and URLs, you might feel like you can’t keep up.

Here’s a quick piece of advice: focus on one platform at a time. Determine which platform has the biggest following or reach, and start there. Learn the ins and outs of that particular social media. What types of posts do well? What length does well?

Then, once you feel like you’ve got a good grasp of that platform, move onto another. Don’t worry; your other social media accounts will be okay in the meantime.

2. Re-evaluate current accounts

Have you ever stumbled onto a social media account and the latest post was from years ago? How did that make you feel about the brand?

It’s better to have a few rockstar accounts, than to have neglected accounts on every platform.

You may want to delete, merge, or stop linking to some accounts. Be aware: even if you don’t link to a certain account, people can still find it through old links, or Google searches. So deleting or deactivating may be your best bet.

3. Consistency is king

Social media algorithms reward consistent posting. We’re not talking about going crazy here. (I’m looking at you, Aunt Jeanine, and your hourly posts of photos of your Persian cats). But consistency gets rewarded, and you’ll reach more people with regular status updates.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Take advantage of one of the many scheduling apps or websites out there. Many are free for a small number of platforms. Schedule out the day’s posts at one time, or even schedule a few days out. You can always intersperse impromptu posts during the day.

This is especially useful on Twitter. Tweets can get lost if you don’t post while your followers are online. Repost the same content (but change the wording) at different times throughout the day. This will multiply your reach and exposure on Twitter.

4. Don’t auto-post between platforms

Please, please stop doing this. I know, I know. You’re only human. You’ve only got so many hours in a day. You don’t have time to post everywhere. Why can’t you auto-post your Facebook posts on Twitter? And share Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook?

There’s a few problems with this approach.

You’re not giving people any reason to follow you on both platforms. If the content is the exact same, what’s the benefit for them? Instead, provide unique content on each platform. This doesn’t have to be drastic. It could be as simple as sharing the same link but with different text. Use a poll on Twitter or create an event on Facebook. Take advantage of the strengths of each platform.

Your beautiful, crafted posts are getting ruined. Posts will often get cut-off, truncated, or lose photos/videos when auto-posting on another platform. This can lead to confusion, and loss of confidence and interest in your brand or organization.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail forward

Social media is a young phenomena, which makes us all newbies. We’re all learning as we go. Think you know everything there is to know about social media? Wait a few months. The platforms continue to evolve, and you’ll be learning with the rest of us.

Don’t be afraid to try things. Take risks. Post in new ways that no one else is doing. Think about the possibilities, and say, “why not?”

Fail forward. Learn from each failure and it will no longer be a failure but growth towards a stronger future.

Social media seems to be here to stay. There’s tremendous opportunity to reach people with our message. Let’s keep saying things that are worth saying. And let’s say them in ways that cut through the noise and get people’s attention.

Did I miss anything? Do you have any strategies you would add? Let me know in the comments!

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